50 Welcome 51 Willkommen 50 51 The decoration and interior design area, inextricably linked to the real estate sector, has been monitoring the recent recovery and development of this branch with an upturn in business activity that has been ongoing since 2014. The Algarve and Portugal are in fashion and the flow of tourism arriving in our country increases the hotel industry and real estate growth, having a knock-on effect for those who specialise in arrang- ing the interior spaces. However, in the real estate sector there are also differences between decoration, interior design and architecture. In decoration, the construction of the space to be worked on has terminated and it is the job of the decorator to create the necessary environ- ments. Interior design, on the other hand, is a much more comprehensive area because it also involves input to the project “under construction”, and can define kitchens, bathrooms, coverings, floors, finishes, painting and the layout design of the property in general. The architect encompasses knowledge of the project in general, from the landscaping and urban plan- ning design to the evaluation of the land for imple- mentation of the project,as well as the interiors,and even project management.The architect designs the works, residential or commercial, total or partial, renovations and restorations, interior and exterior, including openings, pillars, beams, stairs and every- thing that has to do with the relationship between spaces, the purpose and use planned for the con- struction. After the architect has done his/her work, it’s the turn of the interior design to get to work. Hiring a professional in any of these areas enhances the property, making it easier to sell and helping to raise customer satisfaction. A well-decorated show apartment in a real estate project makes all the dif- ference in terms of sales speed. Considering this need, GIBSON DESIGN FURNITURE has formed an exclusive partnership with ALGARVE PROPERTY AGENCY, adding value to the business and ensuring a service of excellence.This allows us to sell a project and concept together with the property, by selling Luxury Lifestyle Design · Furniture · Gibson “Many can set up a house, but only a few understand the art of creating a home.” E.N. 125 • Quatro Estradas Almancil • 8100-321 Loulé Algarve • Portugal Info@gibson-portugal.com w w w . g i b s o n - p o r t u g a l . c o m Our Interior Designer