Algarve, the best place for long-term investment

Algarve has traditionally been a prime location for real estate investment, both in the short and long term, but nowadays, after a period of slowing down, it has once again regained its importance. The economic and financial crisis that affected the western world, with its peak in 2012, is already over, and after the tourist boom in Porto and Lisbon, the Algarve is once again the best region to invest and buy a house in Portugal.

The increase of tourism in cities such as Lisbon and Porto meant that, in recent years, the real estate investment has turned to these areas and their peripheries. However, the massive bet has led to a number of constraints, notably the huge real estate market inflation in these cities, a saturation of tourists by the locals and a standardization of the historical centers of the cities with the mass opening of local lodgings and souvenir shops.

Algarve is thus the best place to buy a house and invest in real estate, especially in the long term, considering the potential of the area and the margin of growth and profitability. For both private and commercial purposes, the Algarve region reconciles its attractiveness with various advantages of different natures, making it a place of choice, both in Portugal and in Europe, and even in the world in general.

The great advantage remains in the relation between value and quality of life. Algarve is a relatively cheap destination to buy a house, especially when compared to other similar places. Allied to this, it has the advantage of being a European country with a competent and expeditious bureaucratic system, unlike what happens in countries equally cheap, but less developed in this aspect.

With its moderate climate, warm summer and mild winter, Algarve is still a very attractive area, especially for those looking for a long-term investment for personal purposes. That is, those looking for a nice area to live their retirement, buying a house now in the Algarve is a long-term plan that only has advantages and which is difficult to come to regret.

Algarve is still a very friendly region for those who do not speak Portuguese, since the percentage of English speakers - and even French - is very high. Moreover, as it is a zone accustomed to tourists and foreign residents, it is quite prepared for it, being almost bilingual.

The Portuguese services also help to realize this investment. This is also reflected in other areas, such as in Health, since the National Health System is also very attractive for those considering moving to Portugal. With professionals of excellence and above average services, the provision of Health services in Portugal and in the Algarve in particular guarantees a long-term stay for those who want to invest and live permanently in the region.

But it's not just the long-term investments that make the Algarve appealing. Also, for those looking for a profitable real estate investment in the short or medium term, this is a quite attractive area. Being one of the main tourist destinations in Europe, especially for the countries of northern Europe, the Algarve is a region where real estate investment has lower risks.

Given the low Euribor rates and interest rates that are currently in place, buying a house in the Algarve for rent or for local accommodation is a very low risk investment. The most difficult, sometimes, is to find the most suitable property.

However, due to its natural beauty, the Algarve is a region with several poles of attraction, both in the cities and in rural areas. It is a quiet area that combines the beauty of the beaches with the modernity of the city, with high levels of security and protection and a calmer lifestyle where time seems to pass slower.

For all this, Algarve has built a reputation over the decades as a small paradise in the middle of Europe. After a period of lesser glow, its enormous potential has once again transformed the region into the most suitable area for a long-term real estate investment, joining the useful to the pleasant.