Michelin stars Restaurants

New Michelin Star Restaurant in Portugal!

There are not many places in Europe where you can find such beauty and quality of living as in the southern part of Portugal. Maybe less known is the extraordinary palette of Michelin star culinary that you will find here. Two of the best star restaurants in Portugal and Spain are also located in the Algarve in 2017; the “Ocean” led by Chef Hans Neuner and the “Vila Joya” led by Chef Dieter Koschina. Both certainly in themselves worth a visit here. But there is more. No less than four one star Michelin restaurants are in the area. The “Bon Bon” by Rui Silvestre, the “Henrique Leis” by himself, the “SãoGabriel” by Leonel Pereira and the “Willie’s” by Willie Wurger. 

The Yeatman in Gaia and the Il Gallo d'Oro in Madeira were also awarded the 2nd Michelin star. So you are in good company with the previous "two-star temple" "the ocean" in Porches and the Vila Joya in Albufeira and last but not least the Belcanto in Lisbon.They are among the top restaurants in Portugal. Seven other restaurants have their first star this year.


More and more people come here to enjoy all the things this area has to offer. Not only for vacations, but also considering a second home or even moving here. Should that cross your mind, just contact us the Algarve Property Agency, and we will help to get you started on your way to three star living. Like we have done with so many customers already!