Portugal is praised by the international press and foreign governments for its quick response to the outbreak of COVID-19. The country is also at the top of the ranking of safest countries to travel to in 2020, which should attract tourists and investors.

In several parts of the globe, the national response to the pandemic is given as an example, with a low number of infected people and mortality around 3%. There is consensus in the international press that Portugal is one of the countries that acted quickly in the imposition of withdrawals, with the suspension of all events, the prohibition of non-essential trips, the closure of schools and non-essential commerce have been pointed out as the keys to your success.

The country's rapid reaction is even dubbed the “Portuguese miracle” and reinforced the image of Portugal as one of the five safest countries in the world, which has a very well prepared National Health System and which manages to provide an effective response in a of the most critical moments in its history.

For this reason, Portugal continues to be seen as a good travel destination in this period, as pointed out by the French travel insurer Insurly, which placed Portugal in the top 10 of safest countries for travel in 2020. Note that most establishments hoteliers and local accommodations are now looking for “Clean & Safe” certification by Turismo de Portugal, putting their practices in line with the advice of the General Directorate of Health, which gives even greater guarantees to those who travel in the sense of all the rules of cleanliness and safety are being met.Economically, as the Government has pointed out, interest from foreign investors in Portugal remains.

The country's good response to the pandemic has also created increased investor confidence about the country's overall stability and rapid economic recovery. The various praise addressed to the response of the Government and the Portuguese people, both in the international press and by foreign Governments, has created the widespread notion that Portugal is well positioned to recover from this situation in a balanced and sustained manner.

Author: Diogo Capela dc@lamarescapela.pt